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     King Time Toys Factory Co., Ltd is in the "Chinese Toys & Craft City"-Cheng Hai,Guang Dong.We are professional in design ,produce and sale in doll .Our brand have "Baby and me" & " Kingdom of dolls" & "My little baby doll",all are the fashion design and hign quality.Our company adheres to "quality is life,innovative is development".Our items all pass the EN71,EN6215,EMC,AZO,7P and other toy safety standards.Our factory also offer the OEM business.Our clients include METRO,WALMART,CASINO,GIFI,SACO etc.Our items good sale in USA,European,Middle-East country and local market in China.We try to offer the best doll to every baby all over the world.We are also waiting for your coming and visiting our factory!
Address:XiaJiao Industrial area ,Chenghai City,Shantou,Guangdong,China Postcode:515800
Tel:0086-754-85637888 Fax:0086-754-754-85879777
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